Makerday is a celebration of Clemson's creators, innovators, and doers.

Thursday April 26, 3pm @ Watt Atrium


Makerday is an opportunity for any student, club, or organization to show off things that they have created this past year. Nothing is off limits - we've had virtual reality demos, offroad cars, 3D printed armor, homemade instruments and much more!


Virtual Reality Club

  • Realtime 3D creation with Google Blocks
  • Student project demos (3D models and scenes, Unity3D projects, etc.)
  • 3D facial scanning


  • Clemson themed 2D game based inspired by Super Mario Brothers
  • Interactive snake game on the external Watt display
  • 2D recursion visualization

Jacob Thompson

  • Iceland piece and LED WallPaw

Baja SAE

  • Design and build a single seat, offroad racecar

Digital Media & Learning Lab

  • Robotics, circuitry, and internet of things (IoT)

IBM Watson Creative Inquiry

  • Interact with IBM's AI Watson

Colby Cofield

  • Chaotic pendulum

Zach Lindler

  • 3D-printed Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda

Nolan Hoolachan

  • Weather jar, watches, and other cool stuff

Andrew Le

  • Art and engineering

Graphic Communications

  • Screen printing and student project presentation

Chess Club

  • 3D printed chess set with laser cut board

IEEE Robotics

  • Robots


  • Student groups designed and 3D printed items to solve problems they've identified in the medical field

55 Exchange

  • New flavors of ice cream

Kemmann Komposites

  • Carbon fiber bicycle seats


  • Designed and built butterfly houses

Mind Control 3D Printing Creative Inquiry

  • Mind control 2D plotter and Minecraft

Design & Entrepreneurship Network

  • Lego table
  • Wearable portable charger in the form of a watch

Integration of Public Art and Technology

  • Beer bottle organ
  • 3D printed model of campus

Community Supported Art and Graduate Ceramics Creative Inquiries

  • Digital art projects

Tangible Visualization Group

  • Displaying several tangible objects (3D printed, laser cut, passive, active, etc.)

Christopher Lambert

  • Alexa Skill for Clemson's CATBUS transit system

Alyssa Reeder

  • Jenga and Thor's hammer

ECE Senior Design 2

  • Air hockey robot

Amelia Godolphin

  • Designed, printed, and painted toy rocket

Andrew Montalbano

  • Mechanical 3D prints

Victor Liao

  • Cafe table with outlets powered by a solar canopy

Insun Kwon

  • Advanced sculpting class

Chris Norfolk

  • High end 3D printer with example prints

Evan Woods

  • Washer sorter

Clemson Rocket Engineering

  • Displaying large rockets up to 12 feet tall that go Mach 1 and deliver payloads as high as 10,000 feet

Ellie Masoomkhah

  • Clemson Mappers and demo of the Faro Scan
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No project? No problem! Makerday is for everyone - come check out the awesome stuff people have made, make new connections, and chow down on some pizza!